A Bowdoin Field Hockey Thanksgiving

On the heels of its fourth NCAA Division III title in seven years, the field hockey team shows gratitude for the year that was in a video produced by the team’s assistant coach, Shannon Malloy.

Thanksgiving BowdoinFH from Shannon Malloy on Vimeo.

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  1. chuck dyer '59 says:

    One very hard-working and classy group!

  2. Sally Caras '78 says:

    Congratulations girls!

  3. Martha Sullivan Sword '77 says:

    So proud of you!! Wow, Sally LaPointe would be too!! Go you Bears!

  4. M. Alvord '82 P'13 says:

    Congratulations to the team! And wow, what a great video!

  5. Audrey Augustin Huffman says:

    Congratulations! Way to go, Bears!

  6. Mary Kate Devaney Barnes '81 says:

    Well done! Sally LaPointe is indeed smiling down on you. What a legacy you’ve created.

    Go, Bears!

  7. Virginia C. Pardo says:

    Proud of you ladies! Go U Bears!

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