Photographer Accra Shepp to Teach Learning by Looking

Accra Shepp

Accra Shepp

Inviting people to learn with their eyes is a big part of Accra Shepp’s mission. A photographer, educator, social documentarian, and soon-to-be Visiting Artist In Residence at Bowdoin, Shepp records the natural and social phenomena that surround him, bringing those subjects into focus for others.

“One of the responsibilities that you have when you’re an artist is to see the world ‘officially,’” Shepp said during his Nov. 19 lecture in the Digital Media Lab of the Edwards Center, sponsored by the Visual Arts Department. Shepp, a professor at Pratt Institute, will teach all of Bowdoin’s photography classes (two per semester) during Spring and Fall 2014, as a visiting replacement for Associate Professor of Art Michael Kolster, who will be on leave during that time while working on a Guggenheim-funded photography project.

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