Interfaith Groups Share a Thanksgiving Service

Bowdoin’s student faith groups came together last Sunday night, Nov. 24, for an inaugural Interfaith Service of Gratitude and Thanksgiving. All the established faith groups on campus were represented: the Muslim Student Association, Catholic Student Union, Bowdoin Hillel, Bowdoin Orthodox Association, Bowdoin Circle and the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship. Students offered prayers and musicians performed at the Bowdoin Chapel event.


  1. Mike Coster says:

    A beautiful ceremony .most appreciated in a number of ways.

  2. I write this today, the morning after Thanksgiving. I want to thank you all in the Interfaith Group for sharing your talents and your thoughts of gratitude during this interfaith Thanksgiving performance. Yesterday day we had our Thanksgiving dinner with our daughter and her husband at the restaurant which is part of the Station Hotel. To our surprise we saw another Bowdoin family there. We all have been Bowdoin friends with each other for almost sixty years. The men were in the same class, the same singing group, in each others weddings fifty-seven years ago, and both of these men and their wives went out into the world to serve others. What an unexpected blessing it was to be together yesterday, if only tables apart.

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