Druckenmiller ’75 on the ‘War’ Between the Generations (NPR)

Stanley Druckenmiller '75

Stanley Druckenmiller ’75

As Congress begins work on a new spending plan, the topic of overhauling entitlement programs, particularly Social Security, is at the forefront of negotiations. Investor Stanley Druckenmiller ’75 has continued his tour of college campuses hoping to raise awareness among young people for this “generational theft.”

Druckenmiller visited Bowdoin last spring with Geoffrey Canada ’74 to give their presentation on the looming consequences if social security continues to receive the same funding. Druckenmiller says he hopes to empower young people to rally behind this injustice and evoke change in Washington. Listen to the NPR story and read the text.


  1. Kitty Williston says:

    Stanley Druckenman is a hedge fund manager and Geoffrey Canada is one of Druckermiller’s troops. Drukermiller is following the Pete Peterson playbill that calls for stirring resentment among the younger generation, saying that it is the old who are reaping the benefits of a Social Security system that will not be there for the young. The aim of Druckenman and his Wall Street cronies is to gain political support among the younger generation in order gut the current sound, public retirement system that is call Social Security. They aim is to divert retirement funds to private equity to invest as they wish and to reap the huge administrative fees from managing these retirement funds. MR. Canada like so many reformers initially aligned with the super rich to advance his worth cause.But Canada, like so many reformers, has been co-opted, swallowed-up by his powerful benefactors and now works on their behalf. Sad but true facts. Thanks for listening as you do so well. Ranting Kitty.

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