Chinese Author Pens Chamberlain Memoirs

General Chamberlain memoirs in Chinese 23289308-1_eChengdu writer Liu Xianwen in July introduced General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (aka 乔舒亚 劳论斯 张伯伦)to Chinese readers with his book The Lion of Gettysburg — the Memoirs of the Legendary American Civil War General Chamberlain, published by Sichuan People’s Publishing House.

This is the second book by Xianwen, a scholar of American culture and history. His first book, America From Tolerance to Greatness, is a meditation on American values as seen through outstanding people in U.S. history, American movies and literature. Xianwen is currently working on his next book on the Normandy landings of June 1944.

Xianwen, who often goes by his English name Jefferson, has a deep interest in what makes Americans tick, writes his friend David Cowhig ’77. “I met Jefferson several years ago when I worked from 2007-2012 as a political-economic officer at the U.S Consulate General in Chengdu, Sichuan,” Cowhig reports. “As a Bowdoin grad I was happy to hear of his fascination with Joshua Chamberlain.” Chamberlain, who graduated from Bowdoin in 1852, taught at the College and served as its president from 1871 to 1883.


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