Bowdoin Magazine, Fall 2013

Bowdoin Magazine, Fall 2013

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee ’74, interviewed by Andy Serwer ’81 with photos by Brian Wedge ’97.

The fall 2013 issue of Bowdoin Magazine hits the mail this week. It features San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee ’74 on the cover, and within the accompanying article, writer Andy Serwer ’81 mention’s the mayor’s penchant for cooking homemade casseroles, including Lee’s “‘no-longer-secret’ recipe for Poongaloong.”

Readers will notice a few changes when they pick up the fall edition of Bowdoin. We’ve refreshed the look and reorganized the content to give you more of what you said you want —a compact, easy-to-read volume, to be published with greater frequency (thank you, those of you who completed our readership survey).

The most noticeable difference is a move from printed obituaries to a new online obituary section. Updated regularly, this improved obituary format will better honor our Bowdoin community members and will allow additional features that we can’t offer in print, specifically the ability for classmates, families, and friends to post photos and remembrances:

We hope you’ll enjoy the fall issue and the new look of your magazine. It’s a continual work in progress and we’re always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions:


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