Bowdoin Field Hockey to Play Semifinals, But Only After Exams are Done (Portland Press Herald)

Field Hockey NCAA Trophy 2010Amid their winning run, Portland Press Herald‘s Steve Solloway takes a look at how Bowdoin’s field hockey players have achieved their athletic success while maintaining the College’s academic standards. He credits the abilities of Coach Nicky Pearson and the team’s faculty liaison, Associate Professor of History Sarah McMahon, who help students balance their lives in the classroom and on the field.

“(Pearson) and Professor McMahon do a really good job of making players understand [that the academics are] why you’re at Bowdoin,” Molly Paduda, a senior midfielder from Madison, Conn., told the Press Herald.

Valerie Young, a captain of the 2007 NCAA championship team, added that Pearson selects competent, well-rounded players: “Nicky understands Bowdoin. She finds the girls who can juggle the academics and who can play the game.”

The team plays in Newport News, Va., Friday morning for the NCAA Division III semifinals. Bowdoin field hockey has won three national championships since 2007 and made it to the NCAA semifinals seven times in the past nine years.

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