Bowdoin Joins EPA WasteWise Program, Boosts Recycling Rate

Recycle Me Poster
In the last academic year, Bowdoin increased its recycling rate by 6%, from 29% to 35%, which is one percent greater than its goal. When it joined EPA’s voluntary WasteWise program last year as a partner organization, Bowdoin made a goal to increase the percentage of waste it recycles by 5% in the first year.

The College’s achievement is good news in a number of ways, according to Yoni Held ’14, Sustainable Bowdoin’s zero-waste coordinator. Not only does recycling remove garbage from the waste stream and decrease the College’s carbon footprint (recycling produces fewer greenhouse gases than waste disposal), it also reduces waste handling fees. To dispose of one ton of trash costs almost 10 times more than to dispose of the same amount of recyclables, according to Held. Continue reading about Bowdoin’s reduced recycling rate.

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