Slideshow: Cross-Country Team Runs With Horses at Popham Beach

Continuing a tradition that began several years ago, the cross-country team had its annual day of running with horses from Black Fox Farm at Popham Beach, yielding a spectacular array of photographs by Brian Beard/Creative Images Photography.

“The horses love running with people; it’s a great game for them,” says Coach Peter Slovenski. “The horses are much better sprinters than we are, but we have the advantage over the long run. By the end of the afternoon, we’re still running, and the horses need to walk.”



  1. Debbie Hight '75 says:

    I was there and spoke with 2 freshmen women team mates. Sorry that I missed the race, my horse was certainly ready!

  2. We had so much fun running with the Cross-Country Team! We hope you have a successful running season. See you next year.

  3. What a wonderful tradition.
    Thanks for sharing
    Mike Coster ’57

  4. M. Alvord '82 says:

    These are great shots. Thought I heard the theme for Chariots of Fire playing as I viewed the slideshow.

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