Annual Science Symposium Presents Breadth of Student Research

sciencesympIn a Common Hour speech that kicked off the annual President’s Science Symposium on Oct. 18, climate scientist Daniel Schrag of Harvard University spoke of the importance of flexibility in the face of rising CO2, and highlighted the vital role of young scientists in today’s society – an apt message for the nearly 100 Bowdoin student researchers who presented posters of their work throughout the afternoon.

Schrag, who serves on President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, urged audience members to embrace affordable energy alternatives, which he said will ultimately surpass small-scale reductions in emissions in effectiveness. The very uncertainty of our planet’s future, he continued, underscores the vital role of scientific research in today’s world. “As a young scientist, it means there are a lot of important, really good problems to work on,” Schrag said.

Daniel P. Schrag of Harvard University presented the keynote speech of the President's Science Symposium on Oct. 18.

Daniel Schrag of Harvard University

Following Schrag’s speech, Bowdoin students showed that they’re already on it. Four student researchers were featured as lecturers (Justin Duri-Agri ’15, Beatriz Malbiran ’14, Nicholas Wetzel ’14, and Adam Zhang ’14) and dozens of other students filled Smith Union with posters on their research – related not only to climate but to a host of scientific problems in biology, chemistry, earth and oceanographic science, mathematics, and more.

Click here to see a slideshow of the students’ presentations and read more about the event.

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