Bowdoin Seniors Practice Being Job Candidates


Each year, Bowdoin Career Planning gives seniors a chance to practice the tricky skill of interviewing before they launch their job searches.

This year, approximately 82 seniors signed up for Mock Interview Day on Oct. 18. They were allotted 20 minutes each to meet with a pseudo-employer and pretend to be a job candidate. After time was up, the interviewers critiqued students on their performances.

Serving as interviewers were community members, alumni and Bowdoin staff, representing diverse fields such as consulting, finance, education, government, health, marketing, publishing, art, nonprofits, science and media.

Read the full story and hear from seniors on the interviewing advice they found most helpful.


  1. Allan LeGrow says:

    This is a great opportunity seniors should aggressively exploit. Maximizing participation by Bowdoin alums in an array of career fields would help and should be a goal. Seems like more women than men took advantage.

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