Psychological Studies That Illuminate Our True Natures (Huffington Post)

Colorful marshmallowsThe Huffington Post has revisited 10 classic psychological studies that reveal some disconcerting notions about human nature.

One, a famous Stanford experiment from the late 1960s, tested children’s ability to delay instant gratification by setting a marshmallow in front of them and telling them they could either eat the marshmallow at that moment or wait 15 minutes and have two marshmallows. Although it was a struggle for the children, who had to resort to tactics such as covering their eyes, those who held off did better later in life as teenagers and adults. They were less likely to be obese, have drug addictions or suffer behavior problems.

The other nine studies noted in the article include a 1999 Harvard and Kent State University experiment that shows how oblivious we are to what’s in front of us; another that finds there’s only one thing responsible for sustained happiness; and one that shows how susceptible we are to stereotypes.

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