New Thriller Features ‘Independent-Thinking, Strong-Minded’ Bowdoin Grad


Connie Johnson Hambley’s new thriller, The Charity, features a character who graduated from Bowdoin and embodies many of the traits the author associates with the college.

“The main character, Jessica Wyeth, grew up in New England as an independent thinking, strong minded, and intelligent woman, ” says Hambley. “There was no better college for her to have graduated from than Bowdoin College. There is an identifiable essence in the personality of a Bowdoin woman. I wanted my readers to identify those traits with my character.”

Hambley is familiar with Bowdoin because she is married to Scott Hambley, a member of the Bowdoin College Class of 1977, together attending many reunions and homecomings.

The Charity, says Hambley, tells the story of how Jessica’s privileged life on her family’s idyllic horse farm in Massachusetts takes an unexpected and horrifying departure from all she has known, entangling her in a web of international terrorism, survival and questions about her past. The unraveling of the mystery demands a lot grit and perseverance from Jessica, more traits Hambley attributes to “the quintessential Bowdoin woman.”

Jokingly calling herself a “reformed attorney,” Hambley has been a featured columnist for Bloomberg-BusinessWeek and an invited contributor to Nature Biotechnology. The Charity is her first work of fiction. She is currently working on a sequel entitled The Troubles.


  1. Rod and Judy Collette says:

    I read this book and enjoyed it very much. I anxiously await the sequel.
    Judy Collette

  2. The Bowdoin Bookstore is selling The Charity, if you would like to pick up a copy during Homecoming. Send me a note and I’ll arrange to have Connie sign your copy!

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