Julie Johnson ’76 Welcomes Wine Connoisseurs and Beyond to Napa (New York Times)

Hermitage wine glass isolated on white background

Julie Johnson ’76 and her winery, Tres Sabores, has recently been featured in the New York Times “Frugal Traveler” column about Napa Valley. Columnist Seth Kugel writes about the highlight of his trip as his visit to Tres Sabores when “Ms. Johnson, her hands purple, interrupted our seven-person tour to ask if we wanted to pitch in some labor. Handing us an apparatus that looked like a giant potato masher, we took turns driving the thick cap of grape skins, buzzing yellow jackets hovering above them, into the juice below.”

Johnson arrived in Napa in 1987, already a successful wine marketer, mother of three, and experienced home health care nurse. She co-founded Frog’s Leap Winery and Women for Wine Sense, an organization devoted to the appreciation and responsible consumption of wine. She is now the owner and winemaker of Tres Sabores. To set an appointment on your next visit to Napa, contact Tres Sabores here.

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