Fall Symposia Bring International Scholars to Bowdoin

Fall 2013 SymposiaBowdoin has been a nexus for international scholarship, hosting several symposia that brought together participants from around the country and the world to discuss topics in pharmaceutical medicine and Chinese women’s art.

Scholars explored 21st century challenges of medical intervention in Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Technoscience on Sept. 26-27, led by Professor of Social Sciences Susan Bell, who chairs the sociology and anthropology department at Bowdoin. On the heels of that event was Female Embodiment of the Visual World: Women’s Art in Contemporary China on Sept. 27-28, led by Associate Professor of Asian Studies and Film Studies Shu-chin Tsui. Including talks by experts from China, Hong Kong and the U.S.,the symposium was presented in conjunction with the Bowdoin College Museum of Art exhibition Breakthrough: Work by Contemporary Chinese Women Artists.

Two more events round out the college’s full slate of diverse symposia led by Bowdoin faculty this fall. Adolescents in the Americas: Negotiation Identities, Shaping Contexts in an Interconnected World takes place Oct. 3-4, led by Assistant Professor of Sociology Ingrid Nelson. Rounding out the program is the Oct. 19-20 symposium American Political Economy from the Age of Jackson to the Civil War, led by Assistant Professor of Economics Stephen Meardon.


  1. Peter H.Dragonas,'59, M. D. says:

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