Fortune Praises Bowdoin Orient Profile of Reed Hastings ’83

Reed Hastings128Fortune magazine has taken note of a story by Emma Peters ’16, Orient staff writer, on the life of Reed Hastings, who graduated from Bowdoin in 1983 and went on to found Netflix, now worth $19 billion.

“You can read about Netflix just about anywhere, of course,” says Adam Lashinsky, Fortune senior editor-at-large. “But this Bowdoin piece — brought to my attention by Andy Serwer, Bowdoin class of 1981, and Fortune’s managing editor — has terrific stuff about Hastings before he became the business mogul we know today. What’s remarkable about what the Orient unearthed is that Hastings hasn’t really changed all that much over the years.”

Read the Fortune magazine story and the Bowdoin Orient profile that prompted it.

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