Bowdoin Green Athletics Makes Game Plan for Sustainability

Green B256Bowdoin Green Athletics, a group of student-athletes who aim to make Bowdoin’s sports culture more sustainable, has laid out its goals for the year.

The student group, which collaborates with administrators, faculty and staff, has representatives on each team who have pledged to make small changes among their team members. The men’s cross-country team, for example, will start taking shorter showers, recycling old training shoes and turning off the  locker room lights. The women’s squash team has promised to turn off court and locker room lights, carpool to practice, donate old court shoes, recycle on the bus, and stop using trays in dining hall to cut down on dish washing.

In addition, Bowdoin Green Athletics is planning to be the first NESCAC School to win the EPA Game Day Challenge, which measures how much waste can be recycled and composted at a football game.

Read the complete list of athletic pledges.

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