Abe Morell ’71 Photography Exhibit at Getty Museum (New York Times)

Abe Morell '71

Abe Morell ’71

In 1962, at age 14, Abe Morell ’71 moved from Cuba to New York City. He was in awe, and slightly overwhelmed, by his new environment. When he started Bowdoin in 1967 he discovered his love of photography, appreciating an art that celebrated “the chaos of the social landscape.” Photography became his way of communicating effectively with his still slightly foreign peers, “My English was not so good, but my photography seemed sophisticated. My eyes were sophisticated. I had found something important in my life.” Throughout his more than 30-year career, Morell has been using photography to break down the large, complicated and bustling world we all live in, often making portraits of common scenes in everyday life. He is now working on several new projects and commissions, and is opening an exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. While in L.A., Morell plans to speak with middle schoolers, and especially to the Latino kids, to encourage them to explore the world and their options.


  1. Barbara Kaster says:

    Great NY Times article about one of our most famous grads. He and wife, Lisa, were great students and both have had great careers. Proud to know them!

  2. J. Bruce Murphy '71 says:

    Abe’s English was excellent; better than most of his classmates, certainly far better than mine. Congratulations, Abe.

  3. Congratulations, Abe. Wish I could be in LA for the show. Miss you and Lisa. As ever, Christa

  4. Michael Owens says:

    Had the great pleasure of being at the Getty with Abe, Lisa, the Goodyears, Coons, Stones, Friedlanders, Caseys and other Bowdoin friends and family to see Abe’s creative brilliance and for dinner. I know it sounds trite but I’ll suffer the disparagement because it truly was Some Evening!

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