11 Made-Up Words We Know You Are Not Using (Huffington Post)



While, of course, we know, you would never butcher the English language this way, there is solidarity in the knowing look we can share in commiserating about these verbal felonies. (If you’re tempted to respond, “I know, right?” we are coming after you next, but I digress.)

Read The Huffington Post‘s “11 Commonly Used Made-Up Words That Drive Us Insane” here. And there is a crisp $10 bill for the person who can stop a local TV reporter from saying “expecially.”


  1. Paul Rice says:

    Using criteria (plural) when criterion (singular ought to be used. Same deal with “I’m an alumni (plural) of…” instead of alumnus or alumna (singular masculine or feminine). Which leads me to gender (grammatical term) used instead of sex (biological term). My gender is masculine but my sex is male. And the current, most annoyingly overused/misused word and its variants: impact (noun) instead of effect, impacted instead of affected, and impactful (not even a real word) instead of effectual or effective.

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