Review Pays Tribute to ‘The Great Thomas Cornell’ (Portland Press Herald)

Thomas Cornell, "Farm Pig," 1974, engraving.

Thomas Cornell, “Farm Pig,” 1974, engraving.

Art historian Daniel Kany, who regularly contributes reviews to the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram, offers a glowing review of works by Thomas Cornell, who died last December after having taught 50 years at the College. The Priority of Nature, a collection of Cornell’s prints from the 1960s, is on display through September 27, 2013, at the June Fitzpatrick Gallery in Portland. “Cornell was a sophisticated printmaker and a deep thinker drawn to the explosively subversive potential of human nature,” writes Kany in the review. “The Priority of Nature shows Cornell understood the power of art.”


  1. Thank you Bowdoin, for the support you’ve given. I’ll just add that while many of the prints are from the 1960’s, nine are from the 1970’s, and one is from 1989.

  2. Edward W Robinson Jr says:

    Having been in the initial crop of “Studio” students, I learned to appreciate the difficulties in drawing anything using black and white. Mr. Cornell started with us drawing a tree, and soon each went in our own directions….
    My own, very limited, growth in drawing and then etching, gave me an enduring love of such art. I can remember hearing “don’t even try to add color; it cannot be an attempt to hide bad drawing.”
    The Pigs are especially in that mode, and I wish Tom was here to thank. My best to you.
    Ned Robinson, ’64

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