Bowdoin’s Paul Franco: From a Small College in Colorado to a Small College in Maine

Nearly 40 years after graduating from Colorado College, Professor of Government Paul Franco was honored by his alma mater with an honorary degree. Professor Franco left Vacationland for Colorado Springs recently to take  part in Colorado College’s Convocation ceremony, during which he imparted words of wisdom that included, but were not limited to, “slow down; take your time; don’t try to figure things out too quickly; emancipate yourself from your devices; take long hikes in the Garden of the Gods; have marathon conversations at dinner; fall in love (which can be quite time-consuming); go to the library and actually browse in the stacks; find a few good books and read them very slowly.” Read the text of Franco’s remarks, or watch him receive his honorary degree and deliver his address in a video produced by Colorado College (Franco at 15:00).

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