11 Foreign Words That Should Be in the English Language (Huffington Post)

alphabet letters and numbersEnglish would be that much more robust and accurate if it could come up with the equivalent of these 11 foreign words that capture, or try to capture, a few ‘unnameable’ moments that nonetheless most of us can relate to.

The German use the word waldeinsamkeit to describe “a feeling of solitude, being alone in the woods and a connectedness to nature.” The Italians have culaccino to refer to the mark left on a table by a cold glass. That delicate interplay between sunlight and leaves on trees is called komorebi in Japan. A pochemuchka in Russia refers to a nosy person who asks too many questions. In Spanish, the word sobremesa describes that time after a meal when, on a full stomach, you have a conversation with the people at your table. And pana poʻo refers to when you scratch your head thinking it might help you remember something, such as where you forgot your keys. The Huffington Post describes a few more of these words sadly missing from the OED.


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    Great article . As a multi-lingual person, I’ve often been
    frustrated in not being able to find an Eng. words that is “le
    mot juste”


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