Stop Saying These Phrases At Work. Please. (LinkedIn)


Looking for a robust game-changer at work? Get the ball rolling and go for that low-hanging fruit; it’s a no-brainer. But the only way to move the needle is to drill down, and really shift the paradigm, but be forewarned — it may require all hands on deck. Um, really? Best-selling business author and LinkedIn contributor Bernard Marr runs down 30 of the most irritating and overused jargon phrases at work.


  1. Charlie Graham '59 says:

    I once worked for a manager whose use of business jargon was so unremitting that someone came up with a bunch of “Jargon Bingo” cards (not sure where he got the idea). Each of us would have one of these cards next to our note pads during the manager’s frequent and lengthy motivational soliloquies and we would amuse ourselves by marking down the business clichés as he reeled them off in the course of his remarks to see who could fill their card first. One colleague got so into it that he yelled “Bingo” in the middle of an especially jargon-ridden speech. (I think “name-of-the-game” was what filled the winning card.)

  2. Fred Myer '60 says:

    Extending a bit –
    1. “Let’s hone in on this”. Even TV anchors do it.
    2. “Our core values are…..” – a re- hash of the Boy Scout Law or Oath.

  3. Peter E. Zelz '80 says:

    One that should be on the list, and rather near the top, is ‘reach out’. Another, whose chronic misuse has spread far beyond the office, is ‘share’. If I have a sandwich and give you half of it, that’s sharing. If I just tell you something, that’s not.

  4. barbara Matteucci says:

    People in the media drive me crazy with “help me wrap my head around that”, “walk us through”, and “talk to me about”, even within a story as seemingly straightforward as “when we saw the storm coming, we decided to get in our car and evacuate.”

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