Need to Consult Dr. Smartphone? Try These 3 Medical Apps (Time)

CapsulesTime recommends three free medical apps to consult when you have a medical question or small problem: Urgent Care, HealthTap and First Aid by American Red Cross.

Urgent Care offers a medical dictionary and symptom checker for self-diagnosis, helping you figure out if you should see a doctor. Its most notable feature, though, lets users get in touch — for $3.99 — with one of its registered nurses at any time. That nurse can then contact a doctor who can prescribe medications. With HealthTap, you can ask questions that will be answered by a U.S.-licensed physicians within a day. Or, you can browse the many questions that have already been answered on the service. The app also offers health tips from the medical community.First Aid By American Red Cross provides “detailed instructions [including videos] for dealing with countless medical situations from bug bites to CPR.”

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