As Camp Counselor, David Bernstein ’13 Boosts Business for Bowdoin Bookstore

Bookstore-SweatshirtBN80In June, the Bowdoin College Bookstore’s business heated up in an unexpected way thanks to recent Polar Bear graduate David Bernstein ’13. Bernstein drummed up business for the store through his job at Camp Manitou, a boys camp in Oakland, Maine, which he has attended and worked at since 2004. This year he returned in the role of College League Dean.

College League is an almost six-week long intra-camp competition that is a core facet of Camp Manitou’s program. At the beginning of each summer, the camp is divided into four teams that compete in land sports, water sports and creative activities. Each team is led by a senior counselor, known as a dean, who chooses a college or university to represent. As a recent graduate of Bowdoin, David knew exactly which school he would select when the camp owners chose him as dean.

Campers and staff are known to show their pride and allegiance to their teams by ordering a large amount of gear from their respective college’s stores. Knowing this, David partnered with the Bowdoin Bookstore for all Manitou orders.

Bernstein, who majored in economics and minored in anthropology and plans to become a physician, will enroll this fall as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Luxembourg, where he will pursue a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and innovation with a biotechnology focus.



  1. Workn4ALiving says:

    In the summer of 1973 I was working as a first year counselor at Camp Tohkomeupog in East Madison, NH, when Bill Sexton, 2-3 years older and respected for his contagious enthusiams, asked me where I was applying to college. I mentionend a few of the schools I was thinking about, and he said, “Forget all those! You have to go to Bowdoin. It’s perfect for you. You’re going to love it there.”
    A visit that fall sealed the deal for me, and since then Camp Tohkomeupog has had several Bowdoin students come through its staff ranks. Bill’s energy and insistence was my first impression; and remains a lasting one.

  2. Brian Thede says:

    I am a Bowdoin grad ’89. My son Cameron (11) attended Manitou this summer and had David for his Dean as he was on the Bowdoin team. We of course “supported the cause” by ordering Bowdoin gear for Cameron from the bookstore. Cameron became very excited about Bowdoin. And I can’t say enough good things about David who did a terrific job leading the kids. I had the pleasure of talking with David during parents weekend, and David impressed me and my wife. David is a testament to the strength of a Bowdoin education – Go U Bears!

  3. Jacob Kohl says:

    David, or as I call him, “D.B” was my dean this year at Camp Manitou. All I can say is that DB is a recognized leader at camp and i was psyched for him to lead me for a month and a half. One of our main sayings on the team was “ice in our veins” which I think brings out the best of the competition and mascot of our team. It was really cool being on a team where the college is in the state that the camp is in. On visiting day my parents stopped at the bookstore and bought me some cool Bowdoin gear including a polar bear mask. If you want to see our team spirit, look at this page GO POLAR BEARS!!!

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