Women Do Better On Math Tests When Using Aliases (Smithsonian)

A team of researchers interested in influencing how well women do math problems designed a study in which both men and women were asked to complete a 30-question multiple-choice quiz. Some of the subjects signed their own name while others used a fake name, either Jacob Tyler, Scott Lyons, Jessica Peterson or Kaitlyn Woods.

“Women who took the test under a false name — male or female — performed significantly better than women who took the test with their own name at the top. Men were completely unaffected by the name on the top of their paper,” The Smithsonian sums up. “The authors of the paper explain that their results suggest that ‘concerns about self-reputation are a prominent component of stereotype threat among a general sample of women in math, and largely drive women’s underperformance in situations that cue gender stereotypes’.”

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