Where in the World are Bowdoin Students This Summer?

Bowdoin's interactive 2013 summer map

Bowdoin’s interactive 2013 summer map

From Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to right here in Brunswick, Maine, Bowdoin students this summer are researching, learning, helping and contributing in a wide range of jobs, internships, apprenticeships and volunteer positions.

This summer, Nina Underman ’15, a member of Bowdoin’s Interactive Media Group Student Digital Media Team, is using Google maps to track students’ summer jobs and locations.

“I thought an interactive map would be a cool way to create content while also providing a service that the Bowdoin community has never really been offered,” Underman said. “Last summer, I had a vague sense of what some of my closest Bowdoin friends were up to, but really didn’t know much about any of my other classmates. Now I can visualize where 200-plus of my peers are this summer.”

Some students have found unexpected benefits as well: After checking out the map, two Bowdoin students discovered they’re working within 50 miles of each other in Peru. The student farthest from Bowdoin is Andrew Pryhuber ’15, who is studying in Dunedin, New Zealand, 9,557 miles from Brunswick. So far students miss — in this order — their friends, food and the weather at Bowdoin (Pryhuber says he misses “central heating”).

Underman encourages more students  to submit their summer experiences to the map.

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