What Lemonade Stands Do — and Don’t — Teach (Slate)

lemonade stand kids illustrationWhen you think of a lemonade stand, what comes to mind? Perhaps a nostalgia for the simplistic summer days of your youth. Perhaps a sense of pride that kids out there are following their dreams and learning about business while they’re at it. However, contrary to popular belief — so popular that even Norman Rockwell considered the stands an American childhood staple — lemonade stands don’t promote a realistic view of capitalism and entrepreneurship. Many reminiscing adults will drive by and support kids’ stands by overpaying or even refusing the lemonade just for a chance to boost their profits.

“Rather than encouraging an understanding of the value of money and hard work, my daughters’ customers taught them that all they had to do was show up… Capitalism isn’t sentimental,” writes Slate contributor Michal Lemberger. Read more here.

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