The Sound of Music: Filipe Camarotti ’14 and his Acoustical Engineering Internship

Filipe Camarotti ’14When you’re in a performance hall, awash in the satiny tones of a jazz saxophonist or a violin quartet, the auditory experience you’re having is the result of many calculations. The tilt of ceiling tiles, the spacing between acoustic panels, the type of materials used — all these architectural details have been designed by engineers and architects to maximize the experience of every person in the house, no matter their seat.

This summer, Filipe Camarotti ’14 is immersing himself in the world of acoustical engineering by interning with SIA Acoustics, which has an office in Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. SIA Acoustics is a small company that consults on projects ranging from compact sound recording studios and jazz venues to large concert halls. Read the full story.

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