Rather Than Turfing Its AstroTurf, Bowdoin Recycles Old Playing Field

Rolled-up AstroTurf at Ryan Field

Rolled-up AstroTurf at Ryan Field

This summer, Bowdoin College is replacing its almost 13-year-old artificial field, and instead of throwing it out, is recycling every usable square foot of the synthetic turf.

Nearly 3,000 square feet of the 87,400-square-foot field will be put into use at Bowdoin in the College’s softball and baseball batting cages and pitching areas. The rest of the grassy blanket will be distributed to such places as golf courses, municipal recreational fields, paintball facilities, dog parks, swimming pools, playgrounds and other destinations.

“Our mission is to see that none of the old turf finds its way to the landfill,” said Dave Wheaton, New England’s director of sales for AstroTurf. His company, which is supplying Bowdoin’s new field, is also recycling the old one. Depending on use, the re-purposed fields could last another five to 20 years. Read the full story.

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