Q&A with Olivia Raisner ’15, Intern for the Vice President of the United States

Olivia Raisner '15

Olivia Raisner ’15

Since she was in elementary school, rising junior Olivia Raisner has been fascinated by Washington, D.C., politics. “I can remember sitting on my parents’ bed in second grade, watching the Bush/Gore recount and begging to stay home from school so I could see the results,” she said. This summer, the political junkie has a chance to immerse herself in the fast-paced environment of the White House as an intern for Vice President Joe Biden.

Raisner, who has a grant from the Richard B. ’62 and Sandra Ladd Government Internship Fund — one of the College’s many donor-funded grants set up to support summer internships — recently responded to questions about her White House experience.

Read the Q&A with Raisner here.

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