Librarians are Still Valuable, With or Without the Internet (Boing Boing)

magnifying glass over book“We’ve gone from looking at a desert, in which a librarian had to walk into the desert for you and come back with a huge lump of gold, to… this huge jungle, in which what you want is one apple. And at that point, the librarian can walk into the jungle and come back with the apple.”

Such was author Neil Gaiman’s argument against discounting the changing – yet continuing – importance of librarians. Nowadays, there is so much information available online that it is sometimes difficult to tell whether the information is accurate and applicable. Though libraries are struggling for fair deals from publishers and funding from local government, it is clear that librarians can still benefit the modern population with their expertise in sorting through information.


  1. Mark J. Slutz, M.L.S. says:

    As the holder of a Library Science degree, it is refreshing to read about how valuable my degree remains. I hear repeatedly from otherwise knowledgeable, articulate persons remarks like “who uses libraries and librarians anymore?” and “won’t librarians be replaced by Google?”. The reality is that information and information retrieval have become increasingly complex, and a professional librarian remains the best person to help with navigating the information maze. (Though this logic frequently eludes officials in state governments, local governments, and K-12 school districts)

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