Hari Kondabolu ’04 on Race and American Culture (NPR)

Hari Kondabolu '04. Photo by Karsten Moran '05.

Hari Kondabolu ’04. Photo by Karsten Moran ’05.


When it comes to issues of diversity, Hari Kondabolu ’04 isn’t afraid to cut to the chase with his witty humor and anecdotes of growing up in a diverse Brooklyn community. He recalls his Hindu mother taking him and his siblings to Burger King to assimilate to American culture; “What’s more American than fast food?” He joked. In reality, his mother wanted to teach them that “interacting with people of all colors wasn’t ‘bad’ or ‘scary’.” Before becoming a stand-up comedian, Kondabolu spent time fighting for immigrant rights and against hate crimes. Read more of Kondabolu’s humor and history and listen to his guest appearance on NPR.

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