Franklin Jones ’93 Uses Cycling to Mobilize Portland Business (NYT)

Bowdoin Instagram bannerResidents of Portland, Oregon, are avid bike riders. That’s why it struck Franklin Jones ’93 as odd that most of Portland’s deliveries were being made by trucks — even if the vehicles were half full or carrying small, manageable goods. Jones was inspired by his past experience in competitive and long-distance international cycling (such as his 11,000-mile trip from Tokyo to Ireland) to create a company specializing in eco-friendly delivery. He called it B-Line.

Jones impressed companies with his strong business model and pricing structure, and he said the environmental benefits of using bike delievery are “a personal point of pride” for some of his customers.The company now owns six cargo trikes and makes up to 150 deliveries a day. Read more from the New York Times.


  1. jonathan graham says:

    A more careful reading of the article reveals that the “other” Portland, the one in Oregon, is actually the more bicycle obsessed city of the two. It is difficult to imagine a bike delivery service surviving a typical Maine winter in Portland…

  2. Rebecca Goldfine says:

    Whoops! Thanks for catching that.

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