Delving into Alaska’s Art and History with a Delta Sigma Arts Fellowship

Anchorage Museum intern Mark Hansen in museum storage

Mark Hansen ’14 grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, just minutes away from the Anchorage Museum. The old imposing brown-brick edifice and the museum’s contents made lasting impressions on him, and he recalls being mesmerized as a kid by the dioramas depicting the state’s history.

His curiosity to see behind the displays and learn about the inner workings of the museum compelled Hansen to pursue a summer internship there this year. “”I wanted to see the other side. I’m hoping to learn how a museum operates,” he explained.

Hansen’s internship is being funded by Bowdoin’s Delta Sigma Arts Fellowship, one of many grants that Bowdoin Career Planning awards in a competitive process to students to help them pursue otherwise uncompensated summertime work.

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