Conor Williams ’05 on the Intersection of Fatherhood and Manhood (The Daily Beast)

Conor Williams ’05

Two masters degrees, a Ph.D., a Washington Post “America’s Next Great Pundit” award,  a successful marriage, a career and two kids… who wouldn’t give Conor Williams ’05 the respect he deserves? Apparently, a lot of people.

Williams is a full-time father whose work allows him a flexible schedule so he can act as the primary caretaker for his kids. He receives snide comments and “emasculating ridicule” of his priorities from strangers and friends alike. “Most definitions of masculinity can accommodate shirts soaked with sweat, blood, or ambiguous grime,” he writes, “but not applesauce.” Williams’ article for The Daily Beast explains more about his heroic efforts as a dedicated father and his hopes to change society’s image of the stay-at-home dad.

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