Caroline Martinez ’16 Reconnects with St. Louis Latino Community

Caroline Martinez ’16

Caroline Martinez ’16 at a rally

When she was 16 years old, Caroline Martinez ’16 left the life she had known since she was a baby. With her mother and two brothers, she stole across the border of Ecuador into Colombia to escape her abusive father. The family was able to come to the United States and to safety because Martinez’s mother is a U.S. citizen, originally from Missouri (Martinez and her two brothers also have U.S. citizenship).

While her story differs from that of many other immigrants who face a more difficult path toward legal residency in this country, Martinez says she nonetheless feels an affinity for others from her region of the world. This summer, she is working for a nonprofit in St. Louis that advocates for Latin Americans both inside and outside of the United States. Martinez has a grant from the Preston Public Interest Career Fund, through Bowdoin Career Planning, to work at The St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America. Read the full story.



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