At the Statehouse, In the Woods, Students Champion the Environment

The Nature Conservancy interns Dan Lipkowitz ’14 and Emma Chow ’15

Though they are just interns, Emma Chow ’15 and Dan Lipkowitz ’14 have already seen their contributions making an impact on Maine’s environment. This summer, the two students have grants from Bowdoin’s Environmental Studies program to work at The Nature Conservancy’s field office in Brunswick.

“The first week we got there, they immediately threw us into the mix,” Lipkowitz said. As the Conservancy’s policy intern, he was asked to write up persuasive, forceful talking points for a proposed clean water bond. Several days later, at the Augusta statehouse, Conservancy staff used Lipkowitz’s arguments in their testimony in support of the bill. “It was cool seeing my work go into something real,” he added. Read the full story.

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