After a Year of High and Low Notes, Alexi Robbins ’14 Launches Music App to Positive Reviews

After a year of hard work away from Bowdoin, Alexi Robbins ’14 recently launched Tamber, a new music app. So far hundreds of people have downloaded it and it’s attracting positive reviews by users and techies.

People with mobile devices can download the free app to discover musicians playing within 200 kilometers of their location. They can also buy tickets through the app and invite friends to join them by sending along a music sample via text or email. Tamber gets a cut of the ticket price. Read the full story.


  1. Good stuff. I’m a graduate of Bowdoin and now play electric violin professionally. In my circle, the talk is consistently about playing live more and getting fans to know of the gig. I have a talk radio show with over 19,000 listeners. I’d like to interview Alexi. I’ve had on my show Carlos Santana, John Mclaughlin, Stanley Clarke, and dozens of other well known folks. Have Alexi contact me please.

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