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Dr. Leon Buck ’38: Still Golfing at Age 97 (Morning Sentinel)

Nels Corey '39 (left) and Leo Buck '38; Buck as a Bowdoin student.

Nels Corey ’39 (left) and Leo Buck ’38; Buck as a Bowdoin student.

Leon Buck ’38, has dedicated a sizable portion of his long life to the sport of golf. Buck, who lives in Bath, was a standout athlete at both Bowdoin and Morse High School.

He  is a member of the Maine Sports Hall of Fame, the Maine Golf Hall of Fame, and the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame. He has also worked for nearly 80 years as a USGA rules official, monitoring holes during competitions and making thousands of friends when he travels across the country at his own expense.

He is featured in the most recent issue of Bowdoin Magazine, along with three other celebrated athletes from ’38 and ’39. Read more about Buck’s golfing history from the Morning Sentinel.

Video: Todd Greene ’89 on Perseverance and Shaved Heads (Laughing Squid)

headbladelogo-BN80After creating and abandoning several prototypes, HeadBlade designer Todd Greene ’89 took his team to Venice Beach to promote and sell his first batch of the innovative final product. The HeadBlade is a razor specifically designed for shaving heads, whose design keeps the hand close to the head for a more intuitive close shave. Greene ambitiously expected that he would sell the 500 HeadBlades he had brought with him on that first day. He sold eight. But he didn’t give up – now, a sample of his product is stored in the permanent collection of New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. See how Greene’s work ethic led him to success.