The Food Substitute of the Future May Have Arrived (Washington Post)

When you step out of the box and think about it, food creates one of the biggest everyday hassles in our modern lives. We spend money, energy and time to acquire, prepare, cook, eat and clean up our food. Some are constantly restricted by food allergies, others eat unhealthy food out of convenience or craving. Rob Rhinehart believes he has found a solution to all of these problems: a mixable powder substance he calls Soylent that contains proteins, carbs, fibers, fats and most of the essential nutrients — and he swears it tastes good, too. The mixture is cheap, convenient, and after six months (and some trial-and-error) on an almost entirely Soylent diet, Rhinehart claims he has experienced noticeable positive changes in his health. The Washington Post explores the potential for this substance. You can also read about Rhinehart’s personal experience on his blog.

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