Ten Steps to Living with Less Distraction (Becoming Minimalist)

Picture yourself at your most productive. Are you sitting at a messy desk in a noisy room, worrying about a list of uncompleted errands while you try to talk on the phone and have an email conversation at once? Probably not.

All the physical and mental clutter of our modern world can hinder focus and accomplishment. Even if it seems unheard-of to fight the everyday distractions, you may achieve a better quality of life by disabling trivial smart-phone notifications, checking email more sporadically, or even turning off your TV. No, not just today after you finish that episode of Cupcake Wars. Mmm, cupcakes. What? Oh, right. Turn off those distractions — permanently. Becoming Minimalist presents 10 habits that lead to a more simplistic and less distracted life.

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