Portland Symphony Orchestra to Play ‘Bowdoin Medley’ July 4

Frederic "Tilly" Tillotson, chair of the music department (1936-1963).

Frederic "Tilly" Tillotson, chair of the music department (1936-1963).

The Portland Symphony Orchestra’s 2013 Fourth of July Concert, which last year attracted 60,000 people, will feature “The Bowdoin College Medley,” an 8 1/2 minute score that draws from familiar Bowdoin songs.

T. Douglas Stenberg ’56 (“Terry”) has worked for two years to come up with the score for the Bowdoin Medley, and at his own expense he engaged the Portland Symphony to record the piece. “It is a labor of love,” describes John Cross ’76, secretary of development and college relations, “and a tribute to Bowdoin’s tradition as a ‘singing college’ and to long-time Music Department faculty member Fred Tillotson (known affectionately as “Tilly”).

An abbreviated version was played at the Reunion Convocation event this year.  Listen to  part of the medley here.




  1. Reid Appleby ' 59 says:

    What a fantastic 5 minutes of music by the PSO. It was VERY EMOTIONAL listening to it. As the years go on, I am convinced I appreciate our Alma Mater more than when I was there for four years! Congrats to Terry Stenberg, and to the PSO! // Reid Appleby ’59

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