Bowdoin RoboCup Team Competes in Europe

Northern Bites Robocup poster, courtesy of Nick Edises ’13

Northern Bites, Bowdoin’s soccer-playing robot team, has made it through the first round of 16 at the international 2013 RoboCup, which is being held this year in the Netherlands, in the city of Eindhoven.

The team beat the Bemblebots of Germany and tied with the Austrian Kangaroos. “That puts us in the final 16 for the 8th straight year – only one other team in the world can claim this,” said Eric Chown, Northern Bites faculty advisor and professor of computer science. Chown added that Her Majesty Queen Máxima was expected to visit the competition today.


  1. alan n. hall says:

    The development of robots and now international competitions for them opens a brave new world for a certain type of adolescent personality. Once limited to a few junior high school or high school activities, usually not in a classroom setting but in a semi-solitary world at home in attic or cellar or garage, the “geek” of the past, usually male, would tinker—not always happily— with his long distance HAM radio or rebuilding his Model A. Now, he’s part of a team, often of males and females, using brains and brawn and finesse to create creatures that shoot baskets, skate with pucks or tennis balls, clamber over barricades, sneak thru narrow gates or tunnels, even carry glasses of water from place to place without spilling. And being the center of attention, watched by crowds of spectators, cheering the ‘bots and their creators on to victory! Even more fun than being a computer whiz! You go ‘bots!

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