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Museum Co-director Anne Goodyear Presents on Preserving Digital Art

Anne Goodyear, co-director of the Bowdoin Museum of Art, at a panel for the conservation of digital art. Goodyear is sitting on the panel.

Anne Goodyear, co-director of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, this week presented at a Smithsonian American Art Museum symposium that addressed the conservation of media art.

The symposium focused on the exhibition “Nam June Paik: Global Visionary,” and the conservation and restoration of the the Korean-born artist’s work.

Goodyear is a founding member and former principal investigator of the Smithsonian’s Time-Based and Digital Media Art Working Group. Her talk examined the paradoxical dilemma of digital media art. While flexible and easily disseminated, art that is electronic, time-based and digital is also vulnerable to the threat of technical obsolescence. To support the long-term viability of new media art, Goodyear recommends that a broad range of technical, conservation and curatorial professionals coordinate to acquire, install and care for the art.

Bowdoin RoboCup Team Competes in Europe

Northern Bites Robocup poster, courtesy of Nick Edises ’13

Northern Bites, Bowdoin’s soccer-playing robot team, has made it through the first round of 16 at the international 2013 RoboCup, which is being held this year in the Netherlands, in the city of Eindhoven.

The team beat the Bemblebots of Germany and tied with the Austrian Kangaroos. “That puts us in the final 16 for the 8th straight year – only one other team in the world can claim this,” said Eric Chown, Northern Bites faculty advisor and professor of computer science. Chown added that Her Majesty Queen Máxima was expected to visit the competition today.

USA Olympic Gold Medalists Speak at Bowdoin

Olympic gold medalist Dick Fosbury has been coaching high jump at the Dick Fosbury Track & Field Camp for 22 years.

“As Olympians, we’re trying out best to provide opportunities for you young athletes,” Dick Fosbury promised his audience on Tuesday night. The high school and college athletes he referred to had come to see him speak for free on campus, along with his Olympic teammate and fellow gold medalist Tommie Smith. The event was open to the public and largely filled with participants of the Bowdoin-hosted Dick Fosbury Track & Field Camp.

Fosbury won gold in the 1968 Olympic high jump and is the original creator of the Fosbury Flop – a technique used almost ubiquitously by today’s high jumpers. He discussed the importance of family as well as the three key features of  “olympian thinking”: passion, vision and action.
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Recent Generations Find It Harder to Retire (Forbes)

Fewer pensions, educational debt and a lack of financial literacy are all contributing to Generation X and late baby boomers’ difficulty retiring early, according to a Forbes article. Though financial planners recommend saving enough to replace at least 70% of your annual income, most members of these two generations are projected to replace only half their income instead. With the current cost of education, people focus on tackling debt before they even begin to think about saving for old age. Not only that, but people are borrowing in “riskier, more costly ways.” The article also discusses the shift away from defined retirement plans for workers, a significant factor in retirement funds. However, its final point is clear: no matter your situation in life and in the workplace, saving for retirement must be a priority.