The Year in Photos Through the Eyes of Students

Year in Photos 2012-2013

With a smart phone in hand and a beautiful campus as a backdrop, it’s easy to capture special moments on a daily basis. Students have been using the popular photo app Instagram to do just that all year long. Mariah Reading ’16, part of the Interactive Media Group’s student digital media team, collected photos tagged #Bowdoin and pulled them together for this collage, on display as a 10-foot poster in David Saul Smith Union.

Get a close-up look a the miniature portraits by viewing the poster in its full size.



  1. […] Mariah Reading ’16, a member of the Student Digital Media Team, had the idea to gather students’ Instagram photos from the 2012-2013 academic year and create a timeline collage of the year. See the results of her work. […]

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