Commemorative Bowdoin Blog Offers Personal Glimpses into Civil War

Memorial Hall

This summer, August 8-11, Bowdoin College will present the Alumni College program, “The Afterlife of the American Civil War” — a study of culture, music, art and poetry following the Civil War.

As a part of this sesquicentennial commemoration, the George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives is writing a blog, On this Day in Civil War History…, as a daily reminder of what occurred 150 years ago. The posts derive from Special Collections’s historical resources: a passage from a letter to a soldier, a soldier’s diary entry, a note of condolence, a daily surgeon’s morning report, an account of activities on the home front.

Thursday [April 30, 1863]. In forenoon finished the case of Theodate Melancon….I felt obliged to vote “Not guilty” on both charged & specifications, there appearing to be ground for a very reasonable doubt in regard to his guilt, & I felt bound to give him the benefit of it.” — From the Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]


  1. Merton Henry says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying On This Day In The Civil War.The Archives is doing a wonderful job of coming up with timely excerpts from its collections each day.

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