Bowdoin Teacher Scholars Ace Their Defenses

2013 Bowdoin Teacher Scholars

2013 Bowdoin Teacher Scholars

Six student teachers were put to the test recently when they presented their teaching portfolios in the Bowdoin Teacher Scholars Program’s annual defense. Each completed a full-time, 14-week teaching practicum in a public high school or middle school earlier this spring.

This year’s cohort was composed of three seniors and three recent graduates, each specializing in a particular subject area — Rachel Lopkin ’13 (French), Molly Porcher ’13 (Social Studies), Matthew Bernstein ’13 (Social Studies), Will Holland ’12 (Latin), Kate Reichert ’11 (Social Studies), and Will Cogswell ’11 (English).

During their defenses the teacher scholars discussed “one of the principles or practices they’ve come to uphold or embrace” during the process of becoming certified as Highly Qualified Teachers, said Assistant Professor of Education Doris Santoro.

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