Americans’ Demand for Hummus Booms (Wall Street Journal)

Farmers in the “heart of tobacco country” are trying to grow chickpeas, the Wall Street Journal reports, to satisfy American’s growing appetite for hummus. Evidently, the Middle Eastern staple appeals to consumers who want to dip into a healthy snack.

“Sabra Dipping Co., a joint venture of PepsiCo Inc. (PEP) and Israel’s Strauss Group Ltd., wants to cultivate a commercial crop in Virginia to reduce its dependence on the legume’s main U.S. growing region—the Pacific Northwest—and to identify new chickpea varieties for its dips and spreads,” the Journal reports.

Sales of “refrigerated flavored spreads”—a segment dominated by hummus—totaled $530 million at U.S. food retailers last year, up 11% from a year earlier and a 25% jump over 2010, according to the Journal.


  1. Dianne and I lived almost ten years in the Middle East (Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia) and we love the stuff. However it is hard to replicate the taste in your own kitchen. Sabra is about as close as you can get to what it actually tastes like.

  2. milton says:

    I couldn’t find it in a big supermarket in West Virginia once, and went up to the cashier and said “Excuse me. I’m looking for Hummus.” She thought a second and replied, “I’m sorry – I don’t think he works here anymore.”

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