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Slideshow: Alumni Take the Morning Train to Rockland

Reunion Weekend is off and running, and some got an early start by hopping on the very first scheduled activity Thursday morning —  a scenic train ride up the coast to Rockland.

See what your fellow Polar Bears are saying about Reunion 2013 — and join in the conversation. Hashtag your Reunion tweets and Instagram photos with #BowdoinReunion. A slideshow of posts will be displayed in Smith Union and Lancaster Lounge in Moulton Union throughout Reunion Weekend. Wish you could be here, but it’s not your Reunion year? Follow along and watch the activity here.

More information about Reunion 2013 including a full schedule of events [mobile schedule here]. Part of the Class of 2008? Check out their Tumblr.


Short and Sweet: CEOs Advocate Simplicity (LinkedIn)

Simplify (Illustration credit: Abby McBride)


As everyone who has ever tried to streamline a resume knows, it’s tough to distill yourself down to a few bullet points. But that skill—portraying a complex set of accomplishments or values in a simple, memorable message—is an important one for the success of companies and employees alike, according to an article in LinkedIn.

Obama’s CTO Provides Insight On Learning Outside the Classroom (Tech Crunch)

In our ever-changing social landscape, economy and technological world, it is becoming increasingly apparent that we learn a lot of valuable knowledge outside of the traditional classroom and President Obama’s CTO, Harper Reed, agrees. In an interview responding to Kio Stark’s newly released book Don’t Go Back to School: a handbook for learning everything, Reed provides his perspective on how his most satisfying learning, particularly with computer programming, occurred outside of school where he could engage in experiential, hands-on learning.

Infographic: How To Make a Decision (

How to decide